Saturday, December 4, 2010

K..I'm gettin bloggy post happy here...adding misc. project pics..

Wreath on sewing room door...

Lampshade in hand sewing area...Fini!

Birthday quilt for Angela...forgot to post for ya'll, well if there is anyone out there!

My quilty friend who is way younger than me...A birthday quilt for her!
Thanks for all your inspiration to use fresh "hip" fabs!

Pattern is "Split Decision" by The Teachers

Workin on another "Merry go round" quilt

I'm going to fill in the edges instead of having the angles to bind..been there, done that!
I'm tryin out fabs, put black there, think its too dark, will try a light print...Its not as if i have nooo repro prints..gah
I wont get chatty here since no one reads me...waaaa, gonna go eat worms!
P.S. here is  a pic of the black, lemme know my invisible bloggers whatcha think...