Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early UFO report..

Okie dokie, so a broken camera is what I get for trying to "set the stage" to take a pic... :(  I dropped camera on de floor...Lens now refuses to come out...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I got the frame at a thrift store for 3$, painted it, all done you old UFO you!

Broken camera update..I kept pulling the lens out, yes, forceably..Umm, that seemed to un stick it? Well, at least I got pics of a really old UFO..
Made for my daughter as a wallhanging. I started it at a retreat, finished decorative hand quilting tonite...

Oh, and tonite (friday) I hung the quilt in the spot it was always intended for...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffeeee fini!

Finished the coffee quilt...quilted for a friend, now its time to set aside quiltmaking and get to daughter's long awaited skirts & shorts!

Friday, September 16, 2011

UFO update

Finished piecing the "coffee" quilt.  Its a giant tumbler which I cut on Runs with Scissors quilt shop's Acucut studio cutter. Jen if u read this I can't comment on yo blog :)
All for now, have to run around with my quilty friend Ang!
Also pics of a baby & toddler quilt going to Stockton, Ca along with the coffee quilt for the mama & papa :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Perfect Ten" how do I love thee...Let me count de wayz

So, this is my 3rd installment of this pattern with 2 more to go....Its just sooo simple, but striking, a good lap size also...I have a Xmas and a commission from a neighbor, and maybe one for meeeeeee....

My great niece made her 1st quilt this summer, so am sending her a pincushion...

P.S. Fabrics on halloween quilt are a mix,  but the main ones are from Moda's Haunted Mansion, last years line.

We went to Napa last week to visit a "village" for our daughter's eventual placement.... Geesh, I wanna live there!  Napa is the only place in Calif,  otherwise there are lots of choices on the east coast and southern states..hmmm...
Thats it for this Labor day, icky hot all this week :(

I decided to make my neice a needlecase. I made it smaller than the pattern. The "tute" is