Saturday, December 4, 2010

K..I'm gettin bloggy post happy here...adding misc. project pics..

Wreath on sewing room door...

Lampshade in hand sewing area...Fini!

Birthday quilt for Angela...forgot to post for ya'll, well if there is anyone out there!

My quilty friend who is way younger than me...A birthday quilt for her!
Thanks for all your inspiration to use fresh "hip" fabs!

Pattern is "Split Decision" by The Teachers

Workin on another "Merry go round" quilt

I'm going to fill in the edges instead of having the angles to bind..been there, done that!
I'm tryin out fabs, put black there, think its too dark, will try a light print...Its not as if i have nooo repro prints..gah
I wont get chatty here since no one reads me...waaaa, gonna go eat worms!
P.S. here is  a pic of the black, lemme know my invisible bloggers whatcha think...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My friend is havin a Birthday next week!

Can't show ya'll the insides yet, but lookie this great paper I got at the 99cent store!  Inspired by the talented Camille of Thimbleblossoms fame!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Couch flyin...

Ya, ya ya..I shoulda gotten the stepstool out..Butt noooooo, I just had to measure the drapes while standing on the arm of said couch...Went to step off, caught foot in couch, cushion went flyin, and so did I!
Anyhoo, got xrays today, pain meds...gah, YES lesson learned...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GIANT Hexys, Oh my!

Well, I'm gettin there, only 15 more half rows to go...
Otherwise I'm havin a pity party kind of day...truly ready to give up finding "like minded friends"....there are no quilters out there that love the Lord?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blackberry Creek's Quilt Camp Day 3! Shameless fabric drooling...

Ok, so by now ya'll know I don't start sewin till later in the evening...Hmmm, what shall I do in the meantime? While waiting for DD's Paratransit to get here, I started fab dreamin... Its time for the Moda drawer to go on a diet...

K...enuf of that...
So, I'm thinking of these fabs for the GIANT Hexy..whatcha think?  U can see the difference in sizes from what I did the pink & green quilt...

Well folks..its that time of  day..nappy time..See U later..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday finishes for Blackberry Camp!

Ok, well I didn't have laundry to deal with, but did help hunka hubbs choose new glasses before NOON! gah...Ran a few errands, got irritated with all the traffic and fools out driving!
Anyhoo, I finished machine quilting the gift, made the binding, and me no likey..I'll have to run out tmr. get some rusty colored fab for new binding...
I'll prob. start cutting giant hexys for ME tonite, work on em tmr as we wind up quilt camp...
Nitey nite all..No, I'm not headed to bed, but i'm sure most of ya'll are! lol..
This has been a great motivator Susan!
This all I can post so the B-day girl does not see...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

# 1 on the Blackberry Creek quilt camp list!

Well, I just straight lined the quilting, fast! Love my Janome 6600 Accufeed foot!
This was an experimental quilt, as I was testing out a ruler for cutting the "Tumbler" one patches.  Ruler approved! lol...I had enough of the backing to fold it over to the front for the binding, a 1st for me, as I usually "apply" binding...
Lets see if I can post a close up...
This will be winging its way to Canada to a friend whos grandaughter calls herself "Ladybug",,,
Onto the next project....

BlackberryCreek's Retreat!

Whew! I'm finally ready for the quilt retreat today..
Excess fabs put away..check
Waste baskets emptied...check
Sewing room cleaned...check
Janome baby dusted inside and oiled...check
Fabric cupboard straightened out...check
Turner Classic Movie channel....all day and nite tues, playing my favs...1940 movies!...check!

Yup, with all this "checking" i didn't have time to pre cut like I usually would for a retreat, but here is my list.
1. Machine quilt N bind a B-day quilt for a wonderful quilty friend.
2. Work on a neutral string quilt for a wedding.
3. Start a Hexy bambino quilt, maybe even finish it!
4. Is it retreat legal to squeeze a pedicure in here?

Anyhoo, I can't wait to see all of our quilty progress!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm "under the weather", and really OVER it!

Hi ya peeps,
Well, went to the store, bought Zicam allergy, and zinc get over a cold fast stuff...Not sure with everything BLOOMIN, if its a cold or the air...
Started "Estroven" from Trader Joes....will see if I can go the herbal way 1st before looking at the good ol chemicals...Mainly cause all the extra herbs are a bonus....
Got a new Shabby cabinet last week. Pic here...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rainy...but PINK day!

Gee I hate spending fiddy dollars on an ironing board!  We quilters DO need strudy ones tho!  Bed Bath & Beyond said I can save my reciept, bring it back when I have one of thier coupons, and get the moola back!  Cool beans eh?
I also picked up a pink-a-licious new iron at Target...Yummy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...Thanks Hunka Hubbs!

Yep, exactly what I wanted...really, I did!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My feets are now Pink-a-fied!

Yes folks, I've officially gone over the pink edge...Can you tell?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1st quilt on new Janome!

The pattern is "Samurai Squares".....Mine all mine...Bah ha ha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This IS my so called Snowball challenge quilt cause...I'm a rebel with a clause.....

Yes folks it confession time....
Ummm, er,(looking at feet)....
I just could not bring myself to make the required 480 half square triangles for the Snowball quilt.........Whew, there, I said it!
Short explanation here...I already had the book, looked at the quilt, thought no problemo...Well, I didn't read ALL the directions until we started swappin!  When I 1st began quiltmaking 10yrs. ago, I made alot of half square triangles, loving everyone of em...
Now Iam burnt out on em...
So, I used another pattern in the same book, and here is de pic!  Thanks to ALL for your great swapped fabrics, not sure if ya can see in the pics, but thanks!  I have plenty of leftovers for another quilt!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh gads, I give up...

Ok, I uploaded a bunch O pics, and it only shows ONE pics at a time...Hooey...heres the longarm ones

Ok tryin pics again...

Xmas 2009......

Longarming 2010...

Well, I finally got this laptop to acknowledge my camera!  The fall colored quilt on the longarm is what I machined today...1st quilt longarmed in 2010!
The other pics are some quilts, and some random, oh and my new baby a Janome 6600!  Thanks hunka hubbs!
Hope ya'll had a peaceful New Years.....