Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pavlov's Dog....

I had labs done today and my chloesterol is 189. This time last year it was 199...Looks like wt. loss and general "cutting back" on de junk has worked!
The scan shows gallstones, but I asked the doc for a month or so to bring it all under control.
I titled this post as "Pavlov's Dogs", maybe it was rats, I dunno...Anyhoo, Iam motivated (ie Pavlov's experiments) to continue losing, cutting de fats because the gallbladder issues spur me on.
I have more new "dents" around my ankles, and I feel some on my face...
I really feel good about how my wt. loss is going, Iam excited for the coming months! Yippeeee for Meeeee...lol

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