Thursday, January 6, 2011

Closing at a quilt shop...

Here is what I strongly suggest if any of ya'll EVER work during a quilt shop's closing sale..DON"T!...
lol...Yup, I had fun. worked hard, and most likely paid off all my "tab" at the shop...BUTT..Oh my butt! Seriously, I'm goin to the chiropractor...gah,
My 1st ever case of sciactica (sp?)...I've not been able to sit N sew at all for almost a week = B O R E D!
Tomorrow will be the 2nd chiro appt. this week, and I hope to be back to semi normal next week, just in time for the UFO challenge at Blackberry Creek !
If anyone can tell me how to change how my blog comes up, lemme know. Right now its "GaelT." but I want it to come up as Pink-a-Palooza...Thanks!

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Diane W said...

Visiting from Blackberry Creek UFO challenge. Love the quilt made for your friend, the one made with rectangles. Is it a pattern or did you design it yourself?