Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Long story...

Ok, seems whatever I do to this applique quilt takes WAY longer than it should and ends up SOoooo much more complicated than is possible!  %&*$#@
I was playing with the arrangement of the vine, berries, and leaves...Figured out that ALL the berries I made last nite are too small!!! I used the wrong size "Perfect Circle" &%$#@
Oh YES, I WILL use the small ones, somewhere on the quilt!!
So, now I only have to make 24 correct sized berries...
This was all before I made the half square triangle border TWICE!  Didn't like it the 1st way, tore 3 borders off, had to take apart the units to resew in 1/8 seam allowance...grrrrr
I really can't believe that just about every step after the main center of this quilt has been irritating!
Oh wait, speaking of the center, I found out where those TINY berries were supposed to go...Umm, in the center of the big flowers...OMG...I quit

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Sometimes projects just take you to the end of your rope, don't they?