Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Losing it"

M PCP decided I should start a BP med which is a "water pill", that along with having sleep apnea has spurred me on and from a high wt. of 304, I have now shed 22lbs. just by cutting back...It was so painless I surprised myself.
Iam blogging here so I can encourage myself in the "little victories", so here is my victory list do far.
1) The area near my wrist is looking "hallowed" again.
2) The loss of "only" 22lbs. has made a BIG difference in foot pain, and I can walk/shop longer.
3) Iam having more vivid dreams.
4) The size 3x s are too big, and Iam back into 2x and xtra lg.
5) Iam PROUD of my 22lb. loss.
6) Yay ME!

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