Friday, July 1, 2011

Illinois RAWKS!

A GIANT thank you and shout out to Illinois!  2 wonderful quilt shops, "Sweet Annie's", Troy Illinois,  & "Peddler's Way Quilt Co." in Washington Illinois.... Ya'll RAWK!
These 2 shops scoured their inventory and came up with exactly what I was desperate for...

Backstory: I was pulling fabs from my stash and realized I didn't have the background fabs to even begin. MANY long hours surfing the web, I found Sweet Annie's and ordered the "floral spray" fab.
I called Sweet Annie's just to see if they had any scraps of the Rouenniers line.  She said no, but try Peddler's Way Quilt Co.
Well Peddlers Way had the floral medallion fab!  Iam over the moon at the wonderful customer service these 2 shops provided to a crazy, desparate quilter in Calif!
Having worked at 3 quilt shops myself, I know that one can't usually find the fabs used in quilt books. This being said, I fell in love with the Rouenniers taupe/gray prints and really wanted to duplicate the book. I have ALL the red prints, but for some reason only bought 1/2 yd. of a taupe, gah!
Thanks again to Sweet Annie's and Peddler's Way Quilt Co....What a blessing!


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Glad you found what you need. Sometimes the search can be as much fun as making the project.

Barbara Anne said...

Cheers that your found the fabric you wished for! I've found that is another excellent source of needed fabric when your local shops no longer have or never had what you need. Just click on their "search", type in a brief search description, and click Thumbnails. You'll be delighted!

I'm looking forward to your new quilt!